Angola among fastest urbanisation rates in Africa

HDB News   •   April 27, 2017

Luanda – Angola is one of the countries with fastest urbanisation rates on the African continent as more than 60 percent of its citizens live in urban areas, said Wednesday the minister of Territory Administration.

Bornito de Sousa, who was speaking at the opening of the workshop on “Municipal Land Management”, attributed this phenomenon to the large population movements from countryside who flocked to the city in period of armed conflict in search for safe haven.

The minister also said that factors such as the natural population growth and the normal movements of populations helped understand better the above figure.

On the other hand, the official mentioned the updating of registers as planning and control tools of land use by the municipalities, cities and urban districts administrations as part of a set of strategies and modernisation of local power.

Bornito de Sousa clarified that many municipalities in the country need to update their registers or maps of land occupation, adding that other traditional land occupations remain, for long term, unregistered.

The minister recalled that the seminar on the problem related to the land occupation held in January 2016 marked the beginning of a series of technical and training events for municipal administration officials on land management at different levels,

According to him, the process is part of the initiative of the Head of State after a visit to the Provincial Government of Luanda during which he recommended the adoption of a new management model focused on a deep decentralisation of responsibility, resources and economy of municipal and city administrations.

Possible drivers for urbanisation

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