Cunene – Angola Registers Four Million Cases of Malaria in Twelve Months!

HDB News   •   April 27, 2017

Ondjiva — Four million cases of malaria, which resulted in 15,000 deaths, were recorded in the country’s 18 provinces in the last 12 months, said Tuesday in Oihole, Namacunde municipality, Cunene province, the Minister of Health, Luis Gome Sambo.

The head of the health ministry, who was speaking at the central event of World Malaria Day, which is marked today, in spite of the efforts that have been made, malaria continues to be the biggest cause of morbidity and mortality in the country, which affects more children under five years and pregnant women.

“In 2016 the country faced an epidemic of malaria along with yellow fever, dengue and chicungunha, as a result rainfall associated with the conditions of sanitation of the environment and difficulty in controlling the vector of the anopheline mosquito, whose peculiar density is very high in every country, “he said.

He said that the fight against malaria implies the active participation of communities without exemption and every citizen should feel responsible in the fight against mosquitoes and in case of illness people should seek a health center closer to the diagnosis and correct treatment.

  • Take malaria prevention medication before visiting

  • Use clothes and mosquito nets to limit exposure while in Angola

  • If you think you have the flu when your return home inform your doctor that you were in a malaria zone

  • Link to the article can be found here

I have been in Angola for nine (9) years and have been suspected of having paladismo (Maleria) twice. The doctor prescribes Cortain and I am much better in a few days.

Focus on Prevention

Take your prevention medication before arriving. Once you arrive in Angola wear long sleeves and pants to minimize skin exposure. Sleep with air conditioning and the windows closed if possible or use moquito netting.

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